“Cyber-Security is much more than a matter of IT.” ―― Stephane Nappo

Globally cybersecurity issues are becoming a day-to-day struggle for businesses. Despite significant cybersecurity investments, organizations are forced to face security challenges with limited or zero in-house cybersecurity expertise.

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Tai SOC is a Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS) provider that aims to address cybersecurity issues facing businesses in Fintech, Insurance, Government, Health and other institutions that rely on Information Technology to power their operations.

TAI -- a Swahili word for Eagle -- symbolizes the team in the Security Operations Center which is fearless in the face of adversity, conquerors with a powerful ability to monitor, detect and respond to cyber threats against its clients in real-time.

Tai SOC's ultimate foal is to establish a more proactive attitude towards security issues, while locating and responding to cyber threats to an organization.

Tai SOC is a collaboration project between three institutions: ACPM IT Consulting Ltd. (ACPM) based in Hungary, BCK Kenya Limited and @iLabAfrica-Strathmore University.


For most organizations, establishing and operating in-house Security Operations takes up a lot of time and effort to establish the infrastructure they need. A complete SOC requires:

  • expert staff
  • carefully selected
  • hardware and software
  • recurring trainings
  • international compliance and 24/7 operation

This set up proves to be time consuming, expensive and requires significant effort with little or no pay-off in the long term.

At TAI SOC we understand the challenge of hiring the best cybersecurity talent in the industry and the technologies required to set up and maintain and in-house SOC. For this reason, we offer our SOC as a Service (SOCaaS) which provides:

Our SOC as a Service Provides:

Network Visibility

We present the information obtained through log analysis in our security analysis in a comprehensible manner. This enabled the security analysts to determine the current security posture of the organization.

Fast Detection & Response

We have a pragmatic approach to achieve security: When a threat penetrates a network's defenses, our strategy is to identify and isolate it early in the "kill chain" in order to minimize it's impact.

Contextual Awareness

We deliver contextual awareness through the aggregation, association and contextualization of all the log data generated by your IT infrastructure. This results in a holistic view of the security posture of your organization.

Regulatory Compliance

Several cybersecurity related regulatory standards have emerged such as the PCI DSS, the EU GDPR and the Kenya Data Protection Act. TAI SOC will help you comply with these regulatory standards in a detailed and systematic way.


Threat Detection and Triage

We correctly identify threats and vulnerabilities in real time through our threat hunting processes that help in threat control and prevention.

Log Management and Monitoring

Log management helps in conducting forensics after a security incident has occurred. The logs are normalized and used for network baselining which helps in monitoring any anomalies.

Incident Respond Services

We provide processes and procedures that direct that escalation and reaction towards a reported security incident. Our Goal is to ensure that business downtime is minimized.

Malware Analysis and Forensics

In case of a targeted malware attack or a ransomware infection, we provide detailed reproducible forensic analysis and ensure absolute data integrity.

Actionable Threat Intelligence

TAI SOC aggregates and correlates thousands of security events from different industries and external threat feeds. We deliver threat advisory reports to our clients regarding critical vulnerabilities and recent malware attacks.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Audits

Our team of experts offer comprehensive review and analysis of your business's IT infrastructure. They identify threats and vulnerabilities, exposing weaknesses and high-risk practices. These services range from penetration testing to general cyber risk management.

Why Work With Us

Our expert's credentials entails:

  • We are working with local and international experts and collaborate with an international IT Security consulting partner with presence in Europe, Middle East, South-East Asia and Africa.
  • Experts with 20+ years of experience in IT Security.
  • Clients include international organizations, corporations and government entities.
  • Research and development of proprietary ethical hacking tools.
  • Development of custom exploits.
  • Ongoing security testing of known operating systems and software.
  • Audit methodology based on international IT Security Standards (OWASP, BSI, CC)
  • Professional resources with international certificates (CIS-SP, CEH, OSCP, OSCE CISA, CISM ISO)
  • Long standing experience in building on premise SOC systems and operating virtual SOCs.

SOC as a Service is a customizable solution that matches our clients exact requirements. We conduct company and organization specific SOC surveys to map the client's system and security requirements.

How We Work

Before every personalized proposal, we provide an expert to assess your company's needs based on the following areas:

  • Targeted infrastructure components.
  • Number of infrastructure endpoints.
  • Log storage retention requirements.
  • Number of Events Per Second (EPS).
  • Development of custom exploits.
  • Coverage hours and response time SLAs.
  • Compliance requirements.


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